Remodeling your kitchen should be more exciting than a grueling labor. To a beginner – and especially to someone who has no idea about what to do or where to start with – this article aims to assist you in preparing the things that you need to consider when having an important kitchen makeover.

In most cases, a kitchen remodel takes about 2-3 months, although the duration of the rebuilding of course depends on how intricate it would be. Thus, as early as now, think about an alternate cooking area while the kitchen renovation takes place.
Also, we have to take the delivery times of the items needed into consideration, thatmay also add upto the entire completion time.

On the other hand, if you plan ahead and be able to decide on the items in the checklist below, your kitchen redo project might be completed according to your desired timeframe. Do your best to complete the list below. Collect ideas. Save photos from online sites offering kitchen “how-to” remodel ideas, including DIY tips. Once you come up with your draft, you may then contact a professional contractor to assist you with making a final choice – that is of course if you don’t do it yourself.

• Flooring

What flooring material do you wish to have? What color, style, size, and pattern do you want? These are the questions that you may want to ask yourself. There are several flooring options for your kitchen. Among the most common ones are the following: hardwood, concrete, marmoleum, cork, travertine tiles, laminate, and porcelain tile.
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• Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinets can make or break your home’s overall feeland look. They can set the tone and mood of your kitchen. That’s why it is essential to make sure that you choose the right design and material for such kitchen fixtures. Take note that cabinets are likewise subject to trends. If you want your kitchen to be more flexible and timeless, you may want to consider a more classic design rather than something fashionable at the moment.

If you want your kitchen cabinetry to be a worthwhile investment, think carefully about the following elements: material used i.e. hardwood, stainless steel and wood veneers,door style, door mounting, finish, knobs, and drawer pulls.

• Countertop

You have a good deal of options when it comes to your kitchen’s countertop. Depending on your budget you may choose a material that suit your budget needs. Your options may include granite, quartz, marble, and other available stones. A wood-surfaced countertop is also another option to consider besides the cheaper choices as laminate and ceramic tiles.

• Sinks

Kitchen sinks are a very important fixture in your kitchen as it has one of the most heavy-duty roles inside your cooking space – cleaning. To increase the value and usefulness for your sink, make sure to consider the following: sink material e.g. stainless steel, composite granite, cast iron, acrylic, and copper, among others; the sink’s dimension, number of basins, holes, and mounting.

• Faucets

You also have a wide array of choices when it comes to kitchen faucets.To help you decide, consider these things: mounting, handles, sprayers, spouts, and finish.You may also consider some additional features for added convenience such as flow adjustment/restrictor, a pot filler faucet, hot and cold water dispenser, built-in strains, and hands-free faucets.

• Kitchen tiling

Backsplash tiling bringshue and glow inside your kitchen space. So when choosing tiles for your backsplash, consider the following:material, size, and color of the tiles. Think as well of cleaning and maintenance.

• Electrical outlets

Just remember to have sufficient number of outlets that have a GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter receptacle. This ensures your safety by reducing the possibility of electric shock.


• Lighting

Adequate illumination is crucial in the kitchen workspace. To achieve this make sure that you install lighting in the right places and spots. In addition, proper lighting involves a good blend of task lighting, ambient lighting, and mood lighting. Don’t forget to consider these things as well: the size of your kitchen, the color or theme of your walls/surfaces, including the areas where most action takes place.

• Plumbing

Redoing your kitchen may entail a whole new work of serious plumbing. Careful planning as well as upgrading of your current plumbing system is necessary to make sure that you won’t experience any piping troubles in the future.

• Appliances
Appliances are an essential part of a kitchen.Whether you keep the old ones or update to the most recent models of kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, gas ranges, dishwashers, cooktops, and so on, make sure that they meet and match your household needs.

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