It is not an easy task to remodel or upgrade a kitchen. It takes lots of thinking, planning, and well, loads of considerations – from design, to cabinetry, to plumbing, and appliances.

26Because cooking is focal among all of your kitchen tasks, having an excellent and convenient cooking tool/assistant isimperative. Whether you prefer transportable ranges or built-in cooktops, choosing among a wide array of options can still be head-spinning. But if you want to go for the chef-preferred, sleek and modern-looking cooktops, this article aims to assist you choose the right type to settle on. It actually just comes down to your energy or fuel choice; namely gas and electricity.

To help you decide which type of cooktop to go for, study the following types of cooktops available today:

• Gas type cooktops

Gas cooktops are the most popular among housewives and even expert cooks/chefs, as this allows for better fire and heat control. This in turn gives you full control of your cooking. Gas cooktops may be pricier than ranges; but then in the long run they can be more cost-efficient as they operate or cook food faster, which means it can also save you both money and energy.

• Electricity-powered cooktops

The advantage of using electric cooktops is that it can offer even, steady heating. Unlike their gas counterparts, electric-powered stove tops can let you maintain constant and very low heating without any trouble.

There are two types of electric cooktops: the ones with exposed coils, and the ones with hidden burner coils, or the smooth surface cooktops.Although coil burners are a pretty common option, you may want to consider easy-cleaning as a decisive factor. A ceramic-surfaced cooktop is a lot easier to clean than the coil surface.

• Induction cooktops19

A new addition to the family of electric cooktops is the induction cooktop. However, this one may also cost more than their predecessors. Generally, this type of cooktop utilizes electromagnetic energy that directly heats up your cooking ware rather than the cooktop surface itself. Therefore, it is by far the safest and energy efficient option among the rest of the standard coil-heating methods.

One word of caution though: this modern cooking system may not work with your usual kitchen cookwares made of copper and aluminum as induction cooktops require cast iron or a steel material. Then again some companies offer hybrid induction cooktops as an option.

Tips before buying the best cooktop option

Remember also to consider the following elements before splurging on a brand new cooktop to complete your kitchen makeover: how many burners you need, what burner size fits your needs, and whether you go for a covered or open burner. In addition considering your overall kitchen design and space also helps in choosing your ultimate choice.

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